Tinucci Bruno

Self-taught painter, born in Leghorn in 1946, Bruno Tinucci has always been inspired by the breathtaking scenery of his homeland, Tuscany, and to interpret both the appearance and atmosphere of these beautiful landscapes, doesn't use absolutely spatula, plasters, cards or other tools not related to the art of painting, but using only brushes and a palette full of vibrant colors. Has a unique ability to capture the eye-catching scarlet of a field of poppies, the Golden hue of a lae sunflower, or the changing light of the seasons in his evocative oil paintings.
Bruno Tinucci is one of the very few Italian painters who can boast of working relationships with galleries scattered in many parts of the world (America, England, Scotland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Spain) and is the only Italian painter who has exhibited his paintings at Windsor Castle in London.
Since 1972, Bruno Tinucci's works were exhibited in the most prestigious Italian galleries and currently has more than 150 solo exhibitions both national and international, and his paintings have been acquired by public and private collectors around the world.
Television art critic Mauro Innocenti, said about Bruno Tinucci : "Finally the traditions of Tuscany is represented in the so-called ' Labronico style ' by a notable painter. Many people nowadays are interested in artistic pieces of great value, and that is what he manages to do Bruno Tinucci in his paintings. This great artist, in his works not only manages to keep alive the tradition, but also manages to express himselfes in a modern style. "

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