Conditions of sales

1. General information

    1. The company Beaux Arts snc, at the address manages an online store that sells artwork and frames.

    2. Any and all relationships deriving from the contract between Beaux Arts and the client are governed by Beaux Arts’ general conditions of sale. Any exceptions will be taken into consideration only if they were previously agreed upon in writing between Beaux Arts and the client, or otherwise explicitly defined in the general business conditions of the Beaux Arts website. Verbal agreements made by the seller, their representatives or other authorized persons must, in order to be enforceable, be represented in a written confirmation provided by Beaux Arts.

      In the event that there are discrepancies between the original Italian text of these conditions and subsequent translations, the original Italian version will be used to settle the dispute.

2. User Registration

    1. User registration on the website is free and is offered as an option on the site. In order to register, users must fill out the information requested on the registration form by providing complete and true information. During the registration users must choose a user name and password. It is the client’s duty to refrain from communicating their password to third parties.

    2. In addition to accepting the Conditions of Sale, user registration does not carry with it any further obligation. The registration can be cancelled at any time.

    3. In the event that the client’s personal information changes, it is the client’s responsibility to update the “Account” section.

    4. It is possible to make purchases without registering. In this case clients must provide delivery and billing details. No password will be requested and there will not be any way for clients to later access their order history.

3. Payment

    1. Il pagamento può essere effettuato tramite il prepagamento con il sistema Paypal (sia tramite conto online Paypal sia tramite le principali carte di credito), oppure con Bonifico Bancario su Monte dei Paschi di Siena – IBAN IT 26 R 01030 14200 0000 63112381 , intestato a Beaux Arts di Boscarini Mara.

    2. The transaction for any purchase made by credit card is completed through PayPal’s secure website. The total will be charged to the card at the time of the order. In no way can Beaux Arts access the credit card information provided at the time of payment. Thus, Beaux Arts can in no way be held responsible for any potential abuse of credit cards which have previously been used to make orders on our website.

4. Shipping

    1. Merchandise is delivered to the address provided by the client by courier. Delivery times vary from 48 hours to 14 workdays after the confirmation of the order and the receipt of payment in full. Unless other agreements are made, these delivery timelines are not binding.

    2. Shipping costs are added to the base price of the merchandise and are indicated in the online order. Further details regarding shipping can be found on the “Delivery” page. If the client requests a particular type of shipping which incurs additional costs, the client agrees at the time of the order to take responsibility for them.

    3. Packaging for transportation and other packaging materials are not returnable. The client is responsible for disposing of any and all packaging at his or her own expense.

    4. In the event that the merchandise delivered does not correspond to the conditions set out in the contract due to an error on the part of Beaux Arts, the client agrees to allow us a two-week period in which to correct the order. In this case, the client will not be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

    5. It is possible to pick up merchandise from our store without any additional costs.

5. Damage Occurring During Transportation

    1. Merchandise delivered to the client that bears visible signs of damage to the packaging or contents must be reported to the shipper/seller. The product must not be accepted by the client and Beaux Arts must be contacted immediately either by e-mail, fax, or post.

    2. In the event that damage not apparent at the time of delivery is later discovered, the client must inform Beaux Arts immediately.

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